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Mothers 'overwhelmed' at witnessing destruction of seized weapons

Boston police offer Ruth Rollins and Kim Odom a tour of what happens to guns when they are seized or obtained in buyback programs.

EVERETT, Mass. — An empowering sight for two mothers who lost their sons to gun violence in Boston: seeing the destruction of hundreds of guns.

As Boston Police unloaded boxes of guns, Kim Odom and Ruth Rollins watched in silence.

"I was overwhelmed," said Rollins.

Odom said she wondered where they came from, and then thought about her son Steven and his peace journal.

They're part of Operation Lipstick, which stands for "Ladies Involved in Putting a Stop to Inner City Killings," and they wanted to find out what happens to guns that are seized or obtained in buybacks. Boston Police offered to bring them to Everett to see firsthand.


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