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Community Helping Community

During COVID-19 public health crises

We Are Better Together Warren Daniel Hairston Project, Families for Justice as Healing and the National Council for Incarcerated and Formally Incarcerated Women and Girlscome together to build bridges during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are providing food packages within the community. Our target population are survivors of homicide, formally incarcerated women, families of an incarcerated women, elders and handicap individuals. While we practice social distancing, we  are working to meet our community needs by providing families with groceries, toiletries, gift cards and financial support. 


As of today we have supported over 500 families in need and are still receiving calls. Please reach out to either agency for support. Pre-register by email:

We have started providing emotional support to survivors with weekly Zoom calls. Saturday's 1- 3:30. If you know of a survivor that is in needs of emotional support that would like to join our weekly Zoom calls.

COVID-19 Info-graphics

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