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Our Mission

We Are Better Together Warren Daniel Hairston Project (WAB2G) connects and heals women and girls affected by homicide and incarceration to prevent the cycles of violence and victimization

Our Core Values


Active engagement in WAB2G's unique Six-Part Healing Sessions to
identify and understand personal impacts caused cycles of historical
violence and create personalized strategies for self-care and healing.


Inspire advocacy and engagement within our communities for change
to address prevention and support legislation which provides support
to those impacted by domestic violence, addiction, recovery, and gun violence.


Develop WAB2G's participant's ability to recognize and understand the
similarities and differences in feelings, reactions, and points of view between
themselves and others to create a community which accepts that loss is the key unifying tenet and that we can co-exist without retribution or further violence.

Transformational Healing

Create safe spaces for radical healing and transformation, to ensure the sustainability of the movement and develop community-driven approaches to reducing the cycles of violence and victimization. Promote communication, healing, and forgiveness among survivors of homicide, and those impacted by incarceration.


WAB2G leadership engagement in advocacy and programs that recognize and demonstrate the power and influence that mothers who have been affected on both sides of violence can have when they choose to heal in the community and take collective action in order to interrupt the cycles of violence.


Understand and use of Principles of Peace and Cycles of Healing to create community change agents by providing training in trauma-informed care which fosters and builds personal resilience and promotes intergenerational healing and self-care.

"Peace is possible as long as we continue to come together and work together" Ruth Rollins

About us

We Are Better Together serves families on all sides of homicide, incarceration, and violence. We aim to create a world where the cycles of trauma and violence are broken within families, and communities are actively engaged in healing. We are a community of sisters dedicated to improving the physical, mental, and emotional health of mothers.


Our target population includes incarcerated individuals, formerly incarcerated, mothers, and families affected by homicide and incarceration. We Are Better Together offers innovative services around healing, leadership, resource, and emotional support. 

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