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We Are Better Together Community Block Day

On Saturday, October 9th we had a very successful gathering with the community.

We had a myriad of different organizations come and share their missions as well

as flyers and information with the community.

The new Neighborhood Trauma team was also able to come out and meet the

the community for the first time.

At the event, we honored Danny's legacy and invited some of his friends up to speak about what they need from the community. Through their words, it is apparent that our community is ready to come together and break the cycle of violence that continues to systematically hurt our families and friends.

Some of the organizations that attended the event were Casa Esperanza, Stonehouse Inc, Justice 4 Housing, Neighborhood Trauma Team, Jermall Fonte Williams Scholarship Inc, Children Healing by Expression, DCF Foster Ma, City of Boston Recovery Service, Brothers With a Vision, My life my Choice, DeeDee Cry, Suffolk County Sheriff Department, Department of Public health, Boston Police Department, Bethel Pentecostal Church, Neighview Organization, Over the Top Barbershop and more. We also would like to thank those organizations that were unable to attend but still supported our event.

Many of the non-profits that were in attendance are built by people of our community that has turned their pain into purpose. The presence of each non-profit at the event brought to light the beautiful ways that we as a community can take our hurt and build things that will continue to break the cycles we experience.

However, the event really unveiled how important it is that we work together because without each other we will not be able to grow and break down the systems that have been built up over years to create the walls and barriers that we face on a daily basis.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and supported the event. It was a beautiful day and the joy and motivation for the change was evident amongst every single person.

To get in contact with the Neighborhood Trauma Team you can visit their website at:

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