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Annual Retreat

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5th Annual Retreat

July 28th - July 31st, 2022

WAB2G continues to work with families that have been impacted by community harm or/and incarceration and we understand that healing is a journey and there are multiple layers of trauma and grief. We believe that in order to heal our families and community we have to heal ourselves “ to become flowers that can now pour into the buds” - (Stephanie Williams, 2021). 


At this retreat, we are intentionally furthering our mission to hold space in equal, interconnected parts for survivors of community harm and incarceration. While we are focusing on self, we invite you to also see this as an opportunity to foster sisterhood for support and accountability through your healing journeys. 


What to expect: A weekend full of liberating activities such as self-care exercises, grief, and healing workshops, kayaking, barbeque, pajamas party, and much more (name much more).

We look forward to seeing you ladies and remember I HEAL, WE HEAL.

Past Retreats

Reunite to Ignite.heic

4th Annual Retreat

My Sisters Keeper:

Reunite to Ignite

July 29th - August 1st 2021

In June 2017, The We Are Better Together Project launched a 6-Part Series event for mothers on both sides of violence. Though the course of our work, we determined our core values through healing exercises focused on the Seven Principles of Peace: 

• Love 

• Faith

• Hope

• Unity

• Justice 

• Courage 

• Forgiveness


We listened to survivor’s stories in a judgment-free space. We developed the agenda of the Healing Retreat from the needs of survivors themselves. At the 4th Annual Healing Retreat we will come together to: 

• name and release our feelings of grief 

• loss and anger 

• model ways for survivors to transform pain into purpose so that we may continue their journey of healing


We Are Better Together wants to be a part of your healing journey. Join us in July and you will receive food and lodging plus participate in educational support exercises focused on restorative justice; the history of violence through healing exercises, massages, and yoga.

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December 5th & 6th 2020
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