Holiday in Roxbury Christmas Party


Christmas is a time of joy, festivities, and love, however, this period can be extremely difficult for families who have la ost loved one(s) to homicide and/or violence. We Are Better Together's Holiday in Roxbury engages the community as we work together to make Christmas special and support those impacted. We celebrate this merry season and serve members of the community. WABT was able to serve over 700 children and adopt 45 families affected by trauma and incarceration. With your support, this was most certainly a "HOLIDAY IN ROXBURY".

 Healing the Heart


This event will happen yearly in observance of survivors of Homicide Victims Awareness month.. stay tuned for our next update.


 Six-Part Healing Series 

Our six-part healing series curriculum covers the steps of grief, loss, and healing; Denial, Anger, Negotiation, Depression, the need to “check out”, Sadness, Substance abuse, Questioning God and Breaking the silence. Together, we acknowledge the pain and work to recognize that the lives of our loved ones mattered. By doing so, we work to avoid re-victimizing ourselves and embrace healing and forgiveness.



 2019 Annual Healing and Leadership Retreat

July 25-27, 2019.

Our 2019 three-day Healing and Leadership Retreat served 27 survivors of homicide and/or

incarceration on July 25-27, 2019. The venue at North Andover Rolling Ridge Conference Center, a natural setting perfect for featured workshops on self-care, body-centered healing (including yoga and massage), inspirational speakers and words from public and nonprofit leaders, quiet reflections, meditations, prayers, buffet, and social activities.

Our mission to serve survivors on both sides of gun violence was demonstrated through the

demographics of the retreat participants: 37% of retreat participants had lost a loved on to violence,

and 63% had lost both a loved one to violence as well as loved one who was incarcerated or

formerly incarcerated. We found an overall increase following participants' sense of connectedness to other survivors, self-care strategies and tools, and awareness of the impact of trauma on their bodies, lives, and resilience.    617-818-1477

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