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Transformative Justice

What does different look like?

We Are Better Together, National Council For Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls and Families Justice As Healing, reimagine our communities by transforming our communities. 

  • Without healing there is no justice. We understand that healing is a lifelong process and that often we never fully heal, especially when our loved ones are killed unjustly.

  • Justice should address the whole person. We acknowledge that systems of power and oppression impact our minds, bodies and spirit.

  • All minds and all bodies deserve justice. We must build a movement that achieves justice for all people.

  • Our work must be trauma informed and resilience-centered. Trauma inflicts long lasting impacts on our lives.  We must reimagine and practice being in community without systems of harm.

  • Resilience is strategic. Healing of our communities  is the power we need to win our visionary demands for justice.

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Community Helping Community

We are providing food packages within the community. Our target population are survivors of homicide, formally incarcerated women, families of an incarcerated women, elders and handicap individuals. While we practice social distancing, we  are working to meet our community needs by providing families with groceries, toiletries, gift cards and financial support. 


As of today we have supported over 500 families in need and are still receiving calls. Please reach out to either agency for support .Pre- register by email:

Ruth Rollins


2020   3-Day Healing Retreat

Registration is open for survivors from across the country. Women on both sides of violence are welcome. This retreat focuses on how we hold stress and trauma in our bodies.  

Community leaders, clinicians, and advocates, will deliver on topics related to :

  • unity and self-care

  • movement-building

  • leadership development

  • intergenerational healing 

  • body-focused healing strategies

  • impact of trauma and historical violence

We are awarding 5 scholarships to women who need financial assistance.  Please apply here.  Deadline for scholarship applications is June 15, 2020

Holiday In Roxbury

We came together for the greater good of the community and were able to serve over 700 children and adopt 45 families that suffer from trauma and incarceration. With your assistance, it was most certainly a "HOLIDAY IN ROXBURY".

Homicide Awareness Month 

Healing the Heart in honor of Survivors of Homicide Victims Awareness Month.  Was created to educate the public and policy makers on the impact of murder on families and the community and uplift the peace building efforts on Survivors.

2019 Healing Retreat

2019 Second annual Healing ; Leadership Retreat for approximately 27 survivors of homicide and/or incarceration 

Community Garden

1st season partnership with Hawthorn Community Garden. Members participated in a Healing through Harvesting workshop, centered around community building, agriculture and economic stability.

Family Fund Day

September, 2019 Family Fun & Community Healing. We celebrate children going to school and provided resources for families who have been impacted by trauma.  

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