"Peace is possible as long as we continue to come together and work together" – Ruth Rollins

The Warren Daniel Hairston Project was founded by Ruth Rollins, mother of Warren Daniel Hairston who was murdered in 2007. Ruth Rollins is a community leader, experienced provider of support services to survivors of domestic violence, a woman of faith, and mother of two living children. After Danny's murder, Ruth co-founded Operation LIPSTICK (Ladies Involved in Putting a Stop to Inner-City Killing), a nationally recognized organization that addresses the crisis of gun trafficking and straw buying of firearms in urban communities. While she was organizing and speaking in the community, Ruth felt a need for the space and support to focus on her own grief and healing process. Ruth sought support from fellow survivors of homicide victims through the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute.


Ruth experienced the shame and stigma of being a parent of children causing destruction in the community. Ruth recognized how she needed to address the trauma of her own past in order to continue the healing process. Ruth sought therapy, support, and sisterhood with other mothers of homicide victims and offender . She let herself be open to culpability for her parenting and what happened in her home.


Ruth found that support, healing and accountability were possible and that her family's past did not have to become their future. Ruth found her voice and founded The Warren Daniel Hairston Project to honor her son's legacy and engage and empower mothers on both sides of gun violence in the peacemaking process.


Ruth's personal and professional experience, her spiritual beliefs, and her deep connections in the community make her a powerful force for peace. Ruth is committed to using her expertise in service of helping other mothers find what they need to heal so no other families have to suffer in silence. Through the Warren Daniel Hairston Project, Ruth and courageous mothers like her are working to end cycles of violence in our community.

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